Viptela vEdge Routers

Viptela vEdge routers are hardware routers that provide connectivity amongst sites like branches, data-centers, and campus.

The vEdge routers participate in building a secure overlay network over the wide area network (WAN), and provides the essential features of routing, packet forwarding, encryption, QoS, policy, management and ACL functions.

The design is made to work in different configurations with out having to change the tooling or investment onto new design. Empoise worked very closely with the technical teams from Viptela to make sure all the functional and certification requirements were met. The housings are made from special grade fire retardant plastics.

The ventilation and other openings on the device meet the UL safety requirements at the same time keep the device in required working temperature.We have also designed accessories and mounting options on the device for it to be used in table top, wall mount, ceiling mount and rack mount.

The success of this product contributed to the acquisition of Viptela by Cisco for 610M USD.

Scope: Industrial Design, Electro Mechanical Integration, Product Design and Engineering, Prototype support, Pilot run, Primary Packaging Design, Tooling and Production support.