Rugged Tablet

The enormous potential for mobile computing in the Indian market led to the design and development of the rugged enterprise quality tablet. Applications like rural banking, pigmy collection, data collection on the field and very important initiatives from the Indian government like the Adhar Identity Card required a very reliable system to be carried around to the remotest village to collect data

The tablet encompasses a magnetic card reader, chip card reader, biometric reader, thermal printer and camera. The device has a large battery to last the long duration between two charging cycles due to lack of power availability.

This device has many configurations in its use, like the table-top with a metal kick stand and hand-held with a hand strap, and it also has provisions for attaching a strap to be worn around the neck. The access to the SIM and memory were restricted by design using a unique locking mechanism for the SIM and replaceable memory card.

Scope : Industrial Design, Electromechanical Integration and Engineering Support