Remidio Wide Angle Retinal Imaging

Remidio Wide Angle Retinal Imaging device can be used both as a screening as well as a diagnostic imaging device given its ability to take high quality non mydriatic retinal images, as well as Mydriatic and Fluorescein Angiography images

Its 80 degree field of view complete ETDRS 7 segment imaging of the retina in a single shot ensures high efficiency OPD screening.  The touch enabled interface with auto-focus provides simplicity of image capture. Light collection optics, sensor resolution and sensor size directly influences the ability of a retinal imaging device to provide high resolution images, especially in low light conditions. The use of a large format APS-C sensor results in a high resolution image

Unlike traditional fundus cameras that use multiple sensors resulting in a large number of crisscrossing cables, the WAR has a clutter-free design, enabling ease of use, as well as an aesthetically pleasing environment for the patient’s interaction with the device.

We worked very closely with Remidio's internal engineering team to ensure the design meets the all the 15+ movements required for the full functionality. The design refinements during engineering phase ensured the complete integration with good blend of usability. We were involved during the selection and design of right mechanism which reflected into ease of operation and feedback to the end user.

Scope: Industrial Design, Electro Mechanical Integration, Engineering and Prototyping Support