Android Based Smart PMR

This device was designed for one of the world’s largest and most trusted sources of mission critical communication solution providers based in Europe. This is the next generation of portable mobile radio used as Land Mobile Radio and Emergency Notification.

Empoise worked very closely with our customer’s Electronic Design partner to select components which are required to make the product more reliable. The product had very stringent IP 6X and mechanical reliability requirements to be met, with special features like the higher lumen for the display for better readability and touch detection with a glove for the display.

Although it’s the next generation of Portable Mobile Radio built on an Android platform, the industrial design requirement was not to deviate from the legacy of the current devices from the customer’s portfolio. Our concepts were a good balance between the current range and imparting a next gen feel to the devices.

Scope: Industrial Design, Electro Mechanical Integration, Engineering Support and Appearance Model Support

Final Option 2D explorations