HAWE Power Pack

HAWE hydraulics is a leading manufacturer of technologically advanced, high-quality hydraulic components and systems. They have established themselves as a niche supplier in key verticals that have an exciting future in India in areas such as wind turbines, solar trackers, construction and mining equipment, mobile cranes and machine tools.

HAWE approached Empoise to design and develop a torque wrench based on their hydraulic power pack which is unique to them. Many of the local companies use HAWE components and build system integrated torque wrenches. They are generally put in a customized metal cage, which does not make them look professional.

Empoise worked very closely with HAWE management to understand the need in detail. We proposed multiple concepts based on the internal components. Ergonomics was a key factor here as these units weigh close to half a ton. Being able to handle the units manually or by a crane at the use site was critical to the design. We placed the interfaces at a very obvious location for the end user to have clear visibility and access to them.

Since the annual production volumes were low, we took a batch production approach which is easy to manage both in terms of logistics and cost of the product. It was also required to keep the weight of the mechanical casing/shell low to keep the total unit weight under control. The end result was a completely integrated solution which offers a premium look to a technically high-quality product from HAWE.

Scope: Product Strategy, Industrial Design, Product Engineering, Product Graphics, and Prototyping Support