Flux: Desktop Speakers

Flux is a hi-fi computer speaker that delivers fuller sound experience regardless of its relatively diminutive size.

The speakers have a simple and elegant tapered capsule-like form that can be easily swiveled on its base. The number of controls and knobs has been reduced to only one intuitive and smoothly rotating control ring that surrounds the right speaker base. The speaker has the option of adding a subwoofer for extra bass response.

The pattern on the speaker guard is created by an innovative usage of the grill underneath. The grills are designed in such a way that they create subtle patterns when the fabric is stretched on it. Various geometric or organic patterns could be created just by creatively manipulating the design of the grill. Creating similar patterns in the traditional way would otherwise call for metal mesh and investment on tooling, which would increase the cost of the speaker.

Scope: Industrial Design and CMF Development