Conferencing and Entertainment Speaker

MyBeam is an innovative audio device which transforms listening experiences at work and play.

This device uses a unique KAP solution which instantly surrounds the listener with the physical sensation of studio-rich sound without harmful sound pressure levels. MyBeam re-imagines audio conferencing as an experience each listener can customize. The patented sound beaming technology combines unprecedented clarity with the ability to move voices closer or farther away, letting the listener focus on what they want to hear for a more realistic and productive experience.

The portable design contains a finely tuned array of speakers that send binaural audio streams to each ear. These spatially separated audio channels deliver a more natural listening experience, enabling you to better locate individual speakers on a call. MyBeam was showcased at the CES 2015 and is also voted as a new technology finalist at The San Diego Connect 2015.

Scope: Industrial Design, Electro Mechanical Integration, Product Design and Engineering, Prototype Support and Production Support